Our Story

Meet the Team

We’re Matthew, Sylvia, and Tom Gehring, a family team from Toronto, Ontario. Grilling, whether it’s at the cottage or at home, in summer or in winter, just for our family or for big summer barbecues, has always been one of our passions. We love cooking (and eating, of course) skin-on chicken, roasts, sausages, and burgers. You know, the delicious greasy stuff. But grilling these foods, especially when you’re making lots of it, has always caused flare-ups. What’s more frustrating and stressful than having to put out fires that burn, char, and dry out these otherwise delicious foods? For people who live around the barbecue, nothing.

We wanted to fix this. Tom, drawing on 20 years of experience in mechanical engineering, designed a grill-topper that eliminates these flare-ups, protecting meat from the scalding flames. The results were beyond what we imagined. Chicken legs without grease fires, pork roasts without burns, and all of it with a better flavor and more juice than we’d ever tasted. Not wanting to hoard our secret, we started True Wave Grilling.


A True Wave Grilling surface on top of a grill



The True Wave is an expertly engineered grill-topper that simply sits on your own grill surface, no matter your barbecue size, type, or brand. Since it prevents flare-ups, you can use your imagination to grill all the greasiest foods, even bacon, without worrying about burning your food.

It’s made of 100% food grade stainless steel, meaning it’s dishwasher safe and built to last. Our company manufactures in Canada but ships worldwide, serving you and your outdoor kitchen.

Now this accessory is being used by home-cooks, experienced pit-masters, and professional chefs to improve their grilling. But how does it work?


A diagram explaining how the flavour trough technology reduces flare-ups

Juice Management
Juices drip from the grates into the overlapping Flavor Troughs. The juices stay out of the flames and below the meat, there to sizzle and glaze your food.

Convective Cooking
Cook with the grill’s natural convection heat. The design protects meat from flames while allowing a free-flow of heat to rise through and cook evenly.

A couple of juicy chickens grilled using a True Wave grilling accessory

Complete Control
The 100% Stainless Steel design is engineered to quickly respond to your grill temperature. When you turn it down, the True Wave cools, and when you turn it up, the True Wave heats up.

Low & Slow
The Maillard Reaction, or the browning of food when cooking, occurs when food is cooked below 500°F. True Wave is best used at these lower temperatures, allowing you to grill food to golden brown without any burns.