T-Roy Cooks
Southern Barbecue Expert
Austin, TX

"Every time I cook chicken on the True Wave, it has been fantastically juicy, and the skin is right on the money."

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Ted Reader
Godfather Of The Grill
Toronto, ON

“This True Wave Accessory Is Awesome. Helps With Even Cooking, Better Airflow And Juicy Tasty Results. Unbelievably Moist And Juicy.

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True Wave Lover
Grey County, ON

"I'm A Big Fan Of The True Wave And It's A Great Way To Cook On A Gas Grill With No Flare-Ups!"

Pete S.

"I love the True Wave Grill - I got three of them to essentially rejuvenate my entire BBQ grill, and now can cook those foods that used to flame-up and burn without the char and without the water bottle standing by to put out the fire.

Ribs right on the grill over direct heat turn out juicy and leave a perfect bite and with just a small tug they come off the bone with that flavor that reminds me of when I was a kid. Chicken doesn't burst into flames and has natural BBQ flavor."

John L.

"I grilled a 10 pound beef tenderloin on the True Wave. It was so incredibly juicy. Meals on the True Wave are always a big hit with the gang."

Phil G.

"I wish my entire grill was a True Wave grill. My wife and I love to BBQ with it. There are NO MORE FLARE-UPS!"

Steve M.

"The True Wave is the ONLY option for cooking trout on the BBQ."